How to Respond to Positive Customer Feedback

Usually, businesses tend to pay attention to negative reviews more than positive reviews. In general, reviews influence customer perceptions of your company. Generally, feedback can make or break a business. Positive feedback continues to motivate a business, whereas the opposite allows businesses to reflect on their customer interactions and strive for better outcomes in the future. So, what is positive feedback? According to Indeed, “a positive review is a comment left by a customer or client who is satisfied with your company, product or service.” Generally, positive feedback is crucial for businesses because it makes customers feel valued and appreciated. A valued and appreciated customer is a loyal customer and loyal customers attract new customers! This is the ideal circle of life for a business to succeed. The basic response to a positive comment is saying “thank you”. This blog will focus on going beyond the basic “thank you” and help you learn how to humanize your brand by giving a sincere and genuine response to your customer, in exchange for their positive review.

Address the Customer by their Name

Personalizing the response with the customer’s name will allow you to build a rapport with them. Every customer’s opinion is different. Responding to them by addressing them personally will allow you to connect with them and understand their sentiment. Your goal is to show customers that you listen to their feedback and take it seriously. Here’s an example of how you can do this:

Hello Sam,

Thank you so much for taking the time out to give us feedback. This kind of positivity motivates us to keep soaring with flying colors.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us in the future, as well!

It’s even more impactful if your customer support or success team sign-off with their name, as well, to complete that personal connection with the customer. Building a personal connection with the customer can give your audience the reassurance that they can continue to trust your brand and its products and services.

Express Gratitude

Customer feedback, especially positive feedback, should not be taken for granted. Going beyond the basic “thank you” humanizes your brand. According to Indeed, “when you express gratitude, you are showing someone appreciation for what they did.” This can go a long way with your customers in terms of building a long-lasting and stable relationship with them. An example of this can be:

Thank you so much for showing your enthusiasm for our brand. We really appreciate you making the effort to give us valuable feedback.

According to Psychology Today, “when people experience feelings of gratitude, they also feel more empathetic, less aggressive, and are more willing to engage in prosocial behavior.” Expressing gratitude is a sign of professional courtesy. Simply being grateful allows your customers to take you seriously as a brand and will get them to pay more attention to attention to detail that you put into your products and services.

Offer an Incentive

Rewards are a tactic used to keep your customer coming back for more. Offering rewards and incentives will encourage customer loyalty. Ideally, these should be included at the end of your response. Giving out incentives is an overt way to maintain a stable relationship with customers. According to Forbes, “rewards can come in a variety of channels, and many are inexpensive and easy to use.” Examples of rewards can include gift cards, free subscriptions, free products, and insider perks. Incentives can also be a useful tactic to attract new customers. The idea is to motivate your customers to stay loyal by repeating purchases from your brand.

Don’t Overdo the Emotions

We all like to be showered with complimentary feedback. However, sometimes businesses tend to get carried away and be overcompassionate with the response to send back to the customer. You want to keep your tone calm and professional. Customers are lifesavers of the business world. Every customer is different. They appreciate the personal connection you attempt to build with them. The best thing to do in these kinds of situations is to double- and triple-check your response before you send it out to the customer. An example would be the following:

Thank you for your kind words towards our customer support team. I am glad they were able to help you resolve your issues.

It’s feedback like yours that helps us constantly keep our eyes on the prize.

Gathering Positive Feedback through PxidaCX

Positive interactions are the key to building a stable foundation for connecting with customers. By enticing them with rewards or incentives for giving their time and energy to your business through providing feedback, you can continue to get repeat purchases and build lasting relationships. PxidaCX is a wonderful tool to get your business jumpstarted and running. Sign up for a free trial today!