PxidaX Development Update: Better Building, Filtering, and Analyzing

The latest PxidaX development updates to the platform and the PxidaCX and PxidaEX survey tools will provide you with a better understanding of your employees and customers in order to help you determine which actions will create a positive impact for employee engagement and customer satisfaction.  

The Power of both PxidaCX and PxidaEX 

PxidaCX provides you with many new features to better understand your customer experience and enable you to define the actions will improve customer satisfaction, retention and ultimately improve your bottom-line performance. On the other hand, PxidaEX is an employee engagement survey tool that provides truly actionable insight to improve employee engagement in order to retain higher percentages of your talent and support your employees’ productivity level. 

Easy to Build, Easy to Send, Easy to Share 

The features of both PxidaCX and PxidaEX are easy and simple to use including the survey logic feature which can help make the surveys more engaging by asking questions that relevant to employees and customers, respectively. Use the answers from the previous questions to help determine which relevant questions to ask them as a follow-up.  

Share insights easily via a pdf, Excel document or graphical files. Alternatively, departmental managers can be provided with dashboard access to continuously monitor employee feedback for their team.  

Automate and control when and how many times customers receive a reminder from you to complete your survey.  

Powerful Analytics Across Multiple Surveys with Global Filter 

As a working professional, you will come across the fact that customer perceptions vary in more ways than one. The categories may not be as simple as what comprise employee personas, so this feature will help you get the far deeper understanding of your survey data that you are looking for. PxidaCX’s “Global Filter” gives you the unique ability to develop a far more accurate understanding of the differences in your customers’ perceptions based on attributes and responses that are in common across their survey data.  

As a leader, you are bound to come across differences between employee perceptions that can often vary in a far more complex way. PxidaEX’s “Global Filter” feature provides you with the ability to develop a far more nuanced understanding of the differences in your employees’ perceptions using data from all your employee surveys. You develop this understanding by building employee personas within Global Filter which are based on your employees’ answers to any question, in any survey you specify.

This could include not just demographic information, but also based on how different groups feel or respond to any set of survey questions, such as what they value most in their work. By building and comparing different employee personas, you can develop action plans and strategies that resonate more strongly and better engage all your employees. 

Anonymous versus Attributed Surveys 

With PxidaCX, you decide whether your survey should let customers remain anonymous or attribute their responses directly to them. This may vary with your business objectives, but surveys emailed through PxidaCX can still only be taken once by each customer and can be segmented through other questions using the Global Filter feature.  

Build anonymous surveys without losing the ability to segment, filter and understand how different groups of employees feel. PxidaEX allows you to decide whether your survey should let employees remain anonymous, to encourage honest responses, or have their responses attributed to them as named employees. Either way, PxidaEX ensures each employee can only take your survey once. Where anonymous surveys are used, additional segmentation questions can easily be added such as age, gender or team and the subsequent analysis controlled by the HR team.