Why Successful Companies Use Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys are key to retaining employees in the organization. This can help organizations understand the needs of their teams and ensure that the organization’s future is bright in every way. When designing employee engagement surveys, here are a few key questions to keep in mind:  

  • What’s on your employees’ minds?  
  • What do employees like about the organization?  
  • What needs to be improved in the organization? 
  • How do the employees view the organization’s leadership?  
  • What do your employees envision for the future of your organization? 

The above questions will help you get a clearer understanding of how to improve your organization overall.  

Why Employee Surveys?  

An employee survey is a simple medium in which employees can connect with leaders and express their thoughts and feelings about their work experience. The expected outcome is to assess the level of employee satisfaction at the organization. Employee Surveys can cover topics like compensation, workplace culture, company policies, and employee benefits. This give you an overall picture of how your organization is functioning. In addition, it can provide actionable insight into how your organization can improve for the future.  

The beauty about workplace surveys is that they are anonymous. Anonymous surveys give employees the reassurance that they can express themselves freely without having to worry about the consequences. This way, companies can willingly take the feedback and continue to improve in all ways possible.  

Benefits of Employee Surveys 

There are several benefits to employee surveys including the fact that they can help cultivate a competitive culture at the organization. A competitive culture can help identify key leaders in the organization. Such surveys can also help you improve employee performance. As mentioned previously, employees can freely communicate their thoughts and opinions without having to worry about the repercussions. 

How to Develop and Conduct Employee Surveys 

Imagine a frustrated employee who has been asked to take a survey. They do not want to spend more than five minutes behind a computer screen taking a boring survey. A survey can be made appealing through the topic it pertains to. A survey should have a precise and concise goal to ensure valid data. Random topics can confuse employees and may be deemed irrelevant in terms of the current state of the company. To be relevant to employees, survey topics should acknowledge the current state of what is happening within the company. Before conducting the survey, ensure that the purpose is conveyed to the employees in the organization. It should also be communicated that the survey is anonymous. 

Another aspect to consider is timing. Timing is crucial to a survey. You want the survey topics to coincide with the current situation of the company. Employees feel motivated to do surveys with an incentive such as offer discounts or extensions of streaming subscriptions.  

Starting with close-ended questions motivates the employee to feel interested in doing the survey, because there’s a clear answer they can give. When designing employee surveys, you want questions that can result in actionable insight. Open-ended questions are encouraged; however, close-ended questions should be the priority. It’s better to avoid asking personal questions unless the topic demands it. Having too many open-ended questions in your survey makes it boring, however, it can be balanced with straight-forward multiple-choice questions which can help the employee narrow down their thoughts in a clear-cut manner before having a comment box question in which to detail their thoughts. 

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