Top 5 Reasons to Conduct Customer Engagement Surveys

Customer Engagement is an interaction between an external consumer or customer and an organization through various online or offline channels. Customer Engagement Surveys can help your organization increase profitability and growth by measuring customer perceptions of your products and services as well as level of trust and commitment to your business. Forms of customer engagement include social media channels, e-mail, websites, and community forums.  

Reasons to Conduct Customer Engagement Surveys 

Keeps Your Brand Distinctive  

The one thing to keep in mind is that your brand has a life of its own. Customer Engagement Surveys helps keep your brand distinctive. Find what makes you different from competition and use it to drive your value proposition to your customers. A brand’s distinction comes from its mission statement. Any mission statement contains a set of goals for their company in order to stand out from other brands. Take a look at our parent company, OSG Analytics, for example. OSG’s mission statement says, “We deliver growth for our customers and create revolutionary new technology and possibilities for our people, customers and partners.” This shows that customers come first, and that prioritization weaves into all the company-wide positioning and messaging. 

Improves Brand Reputation 

Another thing to think about is brand reputation. A brand’s reputation is determined by how customers react to their products on social media channels by providing reviews online. These reviews can be either positive or negative. Social media is a blessing and a curse for a brand. It is the one place where a brand’s reputation can get both uplifted and tarnished. Positive comments can be acknowledged by simply hitting the “like” button. On the other hand, negativity can sometimes be a challenge. When it comes to the professional side of things, haters and critics may have good constructive feedback. However, some also might just post negative comments for the sake of getting attention. Addressing such comments, as a brand, shows that you are showing the full picture of yourself and are not afraid to hide from the negativity. Addressing negativity is important, and you should ensure that you stay transparent as a brand. 

Social media can also help attract new customers towards the brand. Having incentives online can help retain current customers as well as attract new ones in the form of a chain reaction. For example, if you own a clothing brand and a loyal customer posts a picture wearing clothes from your brand and tags you in the process, this can help you connect with them on a personal level. At the same time, the people who follow them will see this loyal customer promoting your product and be interested in learning more about your business. 

Helps Build Strong Relationships with Customers  

Connecting with customers on a personal level can help build strong relationships with them. You want customers to fall in love with your product. The key to building any relationship is communication. Listening to customer feedback and continuing to improve the product will help build a positive image of your brand in the eyes of your customers. Another thing to focus on is to exceed customer expectations. Customers automatically expect greatness from a brand they want to invest in. For example, a customer orders a product on Amazon and the written delivery date is seven days later. Amazon can exceed the customer’s expectations by delivering the order within two days instead. Once the product is delivered, the next thing to do is ask for feedback. Asking for feedback is linked to communication. As mentioned previously, you want feedback from the customer in order to see where your product can be improved and where you’re succeeding and exceeding their expectations.  

Keeps Customers Loyal  

Asking for feedback could also potentially make that customer a more frequent customer to your product. A loyal customer means a happy customer. A brand can reward loyal customers with incentives such as a loyalty discount program. Incentives like this will not only keep customers loyal, but it will also attract new customers.  

Personalizes Customer Experiences  

Customer experiences are personalized by listening and taking their feedback into account. The experiences allow you to understand and identify customer needs and expectations. At the end of the day, customers expect nothing less than the best from the brand.  

PxidaCX as your Customer Engagement Tool 

Customer Engagement is crucial to allow your organization to stand out from its competitors. The more communication the more customer loyalty increases. The goal of your brand is to retain customers rather than lose them over miscommunication. Gathering their feedback with a survey tool like PxidaCX will help you gather the crucial information you need to make decisions that will help you retain your customers and keep them engaged with your business.