3 Great Survey Templates Every HR Professional Should Use

The purpose of human resources is to track the progress of the employees working in the organization. Progress attributes include leadership skills, organizational skills, active listening skills, strong ambition and work ethic and excellent verbal communication and writing skills. Human Resources is the pillar of an organizational setup. Traditionally, the human resources department focuses on salary, hiring, firing and the annual pay review. Nowadays, the focus has expanded to onboarding, recruitment, managing payroll, employee benefits, holiday management, training and development, and employee legal and safety compliance.  

Survey Templates – Onboarding, Pulse and Exit 

In order to manage these tasks, an HR professional should use three crucial survey templates – onboarding, pulse, and exit. These templates especially help in tracking the progress of the employees in the organization.   

Onboarding Surveys 

Onboarding surveys involve the transitioning of new employees into the workplace. This type of survey is given to a new employee for the purposes of evaluating their hiring and recruitment process. The results of the survey are used to measure the satisfaction levels of the employee. Employee onboarding helps the employee settle into the new workplace. Picture a new employee walking into a brand-new office space. They would be meeting an endless sea of new faces, adjust to a new set of processes and not to mention, figure out how to bother the IT department. This can be rather overwhelming for a new employee. Here are some key questions asked during an onboarding survey:  

  • Were you provided with the right amount of information about the organization during the recruitment process?  
  • What could have been done differently to improve the recruitment process?  
  • What are the reasons you joined this organization?  
  • Do you have any previous work experience? If so, where?  
  • Were you welcomed with open arms?  
  • On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you recommend this organization to a friend?  

Pulse Surveys 

Another type of template is a pulse survey. Pulse surveys tend to be short and concise. The purpose of pulse surveys is to track the progress of the employees in the organization. Pulse surveys are used to gather employee views on subjects such as job roles, work environment, relationships, and communication. These are conducted on a regular basis, such as weekly, monthly or quarterly. Pulse surveys do not necessarily contain open-ended questions. Such questions could include:  

  • How happy are you in your workplace?  
  • Do you have access to everything you need?  
  • How afraid are you to ask questions?  
  • Do you receive meaningful recognition for the work you do?  
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your work-life balance?  

Pulse surveys give employers a reliable source to take action on their employees.  

Exit Surveys 

Exit surveys are conducted to find out reasons behind leaving the organization and any other matters that can be discussed with future hires based on ex-employee feedback. Many employee surveys are typically anonymous, however exit surveys are not. This survey encourages outgoing employees to freely express themselves one last time, regarding their time at the organization. Such questions could include:  

  • What is your reason behind leaving the organization?  
  • Were you provided with all the tools and resources necessary to succeed at this organization? 
  • Did you get along with your teammates?  
  • How was your relationship with your reporting manager?  
  • What did you like about your job?  
  • What did you dislike about your job?  
  • On scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend?   
  • Under what circumstances would you consider returning to the organization? 

Our Employee Survey Tool – PxidaEX

These three templates are crucial to an organization’s human resources team. Elements from these three templates would help organizations improve their work culture and more importantly, work-life balance. Templates like these, and more, are included in the survey library of the PxidaEX survey tool. Our survey templates are designed by our expert data scientists and customizable to your organization’s needs in order to gather the relevant and actionable feedback you need to improve employee engagement at your company.