Tips and Tricks to Revitalize Your Brand and Business

According to LinkedIn, “whenever a natural or man-made disaster hits or an outbreak of a disease wreaks havoc, it’s not only people who are affected, but more so for brands.” Business owners do their best to ensure their brands do not become victims of these catastrophes. Brands are perceived by the way they interact with customers and how far along they can keep up with service expectations. Not paying attention to the desires and expectations of your customers will only put your business onto the fast track of downfall. There is no doubt that the world revolves around the customer. However, it’s not easy for businesses to keep up with all their expectations and desires. This blog will walk through tips and tricks for businesses to ensure their brand stays alive during the best and worst of times.

Figure Out Why Customers are Leaving

If a customer chooses to break up with your brand, the first thing to do is to go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong. Reasons could include the following:

  • Lack of trust
  • Inappropriate tone in communication
  • Decrease in loyalty
  • Tainted online image
  • Inflated prices

We all go through breakups in life. It’s totally normal for a customer to not be satisfied with your products and services. Issues are just an opportunity for businesses to do better for the next customer that comes across their brand. No business is immune to problems. However, taking constructive feedback with a pinch of salt will just give your brand a helping hand to feel even more inspired.

Keep the Negativity Off the Radar

While it is concerning for a brand to be losing its standing in its business industry, it should still present itself in a positive manner. Nowadays, so much of brand image exists online. Social media is a hotspot for businesses to be active and more importantly, interactive. Sharing stories on social media is a valuable method for your brand to reach new audiences. According to LinkedIn, “these types of stories can help uplift and cleanse someone’s feed or even shift them from having negative thoughts.” Putting out positive and informational content can help reassure your customers that your brand is alive and well.

Rename Your Brand

Customers need to be intrigued by the brand before even exploring its products and services. Medium suggests, “a name change can have a significant impact on your failing brand.” A new name means starting off with a fresh, clean slate for your brand. This is a great benefit, especially if your brand has gone through a rough patch. Renaming your brand also means rebooting your brand. New design, new logo, the works. The values may be similar but find ways to step it up to make it sound like it’s ready to go one step higher than before. Rather than going with what everyone else is doing, find a way to keep your brand simple so that it can build long-term connections with both old and new customers and showcase long-term goals.

Check Out the Competition

For a brand to stay alive, they need to be at least a step ahead of the competition. Business owners need to ask themselves the following questions: what makes my brand special? Does my brand inspire trust and loyalty? Does my brand connect on an emotional level with customers? Having the answers to these questions will allow a brand to truly evaluate how much they truly stand out from their competitors. Competitor activity is a blessing in disguise. As a business owner, you never know where the next inspirational idea could come from for your own brand.

Use Omnichannel Communication

Communication is the key to keeping any relationship alive, including a customer’s relationship with a given brand. Since everything is online, omnichannel communication is the most common method for businesses to use. Businesses reach and engage customers through a multitude of channels. Omnichannel marketing allows customers to share feedback seamlessly across many channels. For example, when a customer talks to a live agent via chatbot on the website, they can rate their experience on the spot after the chat closes. Businesses want as many customers to stay loyal to their brand for as long as possible. This means paying attention to their needs comprehensively, regardless of how they find your brand.

Give Your Brand a New Story

According to Harvard Business Review, “a clear and compelling brand story gives products context and narrative, which can help increase their desirability.” When customers purchase a certain brand’s products, they engage with the brand’s story. They believe that the brand’s products are of good quality and will be of good use to them. A new story can help shift your brand’s focus to a fresh perspective. Rather than worrying about how things went wrong, business owners can shift their focus on what they learned from their mistakes and figure out how to do better in the future.

Addressing Brand Revitalization with PxidaCX

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