Tips and Tricks for Crafting Engaging Emails to Customers

Defining Email Etiquette

The digital age has made sending mail a lot easier, however, people tend to forget that they need to use a formal tone when it comes to sending emails to customers. When it comes to customer support, grace and courtesy are two crucial elements for a positive outcome. You want your customer engagement strategy to turn out smooth and successful. Customers are the lifesavers of the business. Their reviews pertaining to your brand and its products can decide the fate of your business. This blog will provide tips and tricks for great email etiquette for your customers.

Use a Formal Tone

Connecting with customers is important. However, when it comes to writing formal emails, you need to ensure that you don’t sound too casual, so you don’t come across as rude or abrupt. Keep your greeting simple and formal. According to Forbes, when you write an email, “use “Hi, (person’s name),” not “Hey” or “Hello.” “Hey” is too casual, while “hello” is too formal. “Hi” is just right.” Being professional and courteous can be a great way to make a good first impression. First impressions are memories customers hold on to – good, bad, and ugly. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Use this opportunity to truly connect with your customers on a positive note rather than a negative one.

Have a Clear and Concise Subject Line

Most of the time, people decide to open and read an email because of the subject line. A good subject line is clear, concise and, a lot of the time, action oriented. When it comes to sending emails to customers, the more engaging or interesting the subject line, the more likely they are to read and interact with the email. Getting better open and clickthrough rates for emails to customers usually starts with catching their attention with the subject line. No matter what, never leave a subject line blank. A blank subject line could cause the customer to not pay attention to the email at all. Add engaging words or phrases like mentioning discounts, helpful resources, or meeting their needs with your products or services to pique their curiosity. The subject line should reflect the body of the email. The subject line does the brunt of the work in getting your customers’ attention.

Include a Signature

The purpose of a signature is to ensure your brand’s credibility and legitimacy. According to Forbes, “your signature should include your full name, the company name, your title, phone number, website and social channels”. This can also allow new customers to potentially explore your brand and its products. Make it clear that your email comes from a real human being and not a robot. This way, both current and new customers take you seriously and won’t put your emails in their spam folders. Most mass marketing emails from businesses don’t have a personal touch. Use this strategy for one-on-one-style emails with customers, so they can feel connected to the person on the other end of the email.

Provide a Call to Action at the End

According to Indeed, “your email should be concluded with a clear call to action that tells your recipient what you want them to do next.” This could be a phone call, an in-person meeting, RSVP, or a general response. Providing a time frame will give customers a chance to respond at a decent time such as the end of the week or the day, depending on the level of priority for the situation. Call to action messages notify your recipients about the next steps, further tasks at hand, and their time frame for those next steps.

Gauging Customer Engagement Impact on Customer Experience

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