The Power of AI/ML in Surveys

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking the world by storm. This is all the more reason for businesses and organizations to truly understand what exactly they signed up for and what their futures are going to look like. Technology has evolved so much that it’s imperative for us to be aware and alert that AI/ML is the future for all businesses and their products and services. 

Defining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Because they’re used so interchangeably, people tend to think that there is no difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, though they are related, both technologies serve different purposes.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, artificial intelligence is “an area of computer science that deals with giving machines the ability to seem like they have human intelligence.” The first thing that comes to mind when people think of this concept is robots. One of the prime examples of AI is virtual assistants. Two popular and famous virtual assistants that everyone has heard of or used are Amazon Alexa and Google Home. These two virtual assistants would be categorized as AI-powered chatbots since they operate through voice commands. Technology has evolved so much to the point that these chatbots act as “docile robots” for users to interact with.

On the other hand, according to Expert.AI, “Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experiences without being explicitly programmed.” Typically, ML software delivers more accurate and faster results because it starts with a powerful artificial intelligence program and improves itself from there. ML software is able to continue refining and adapting itself to new situations and applications.

Importance of AI/ML

AI/ML has the power to transform businesses from ordinary to extraordinary. One simple survey can change the future of a business. According to Forbes, “AI and ML applications provide incredible opportunities — both in cost savings and revenue growth, depending on the use case.” Collecting data helps businesses improve and figure out what they can do differently to stand out from their competition. By applying powerful technology and analytics to survey and feedback platforms, businesses have a better method of digesting and understanding large amounts of data and trends across data. AI/ML technology can help pull out the key information from the survey responses.

For AI, analyzing survey results through useful graphs allows businesses to understand and digest what they can do to make customer and employee experience better. Plotting the response data from surveys allows businesses to attain actionable insights into what matters most to customers and employees. This helps businesses save a ton of time in terms of visualizing and sharing survey results across teams and departments. Survey results keep opinions unbiased. AI helps produce high-quality data visualizations by leaving human bias out of the results process and simply focusing on pure data.

On the other hand, machine learning can build a model to fill in the gaps that the given data doesn’t cover. Machine learning allows machines to solve problems without requiring much or any human input. According to MonkeyLearn, machine learning “can help you save time and money on tasks and analyses, like solving customer pain points to improve customer satisfaction, support ticket automation, and data mining from internal sources and all over the internet.” As mentioned previously, machine learning can help businesses achieve and attain actionable solutions to keep their customers and employees happy and loyal.

AI/ML in Surveys

When it comes to surveys, the power of AI/ML takes care of the complicated side of data analysis. Let’s look at it from the point of view of a Human Resources professional. For human resources professionals specifically, technology has become a huge asset to their job. HR professionals want feedback from current and potential employees. They want to know how employees feel from the first day of the job all the way to the last working day. AI/ML technology can help them understand the survey response data from current or potential employees, pulling out the trends and key points to better make decisions for the business. The technology helps humans do their jobs more efficiently and easily, by summarizing and highlighting key data that they need. 

Gauging Survey Responses with AI/ML

Our “What Matters Most” functionality allows you to read your survey respondents’ minds and really dig into what aspects of their customer or employee experience matter most to them. With What Matters Most, the PxidaX products can gather respondent feedback with respect to attributes specific to customer satisfaction and employee engagement. With this information, our technology platform gives you high-level data trends on what aspects of your brand and organization matter most to your survey audience. Powered by AI/ML, What Matters Most doesn’t just summarize and visualize the survey data, it fills in the gaps and highlights the most actionable or urgent points of feedback so that you can help your business grow efficiently and effectively. Request a demo and learn more about our technology and software today!