Talent Experience And AI: Analyze Where Your Employees Need Support

Defining Talent Experience and Artificial Intelligence

Some say technology has changed humanity for the better. For human resources professionals specifically, technology has become a huge asset to their job. HR professionals want feedback from current and potential employees. They want to know how employees feel from the first day on the job all the way to the last working day. So, the question is, how can talent experience be aided by artificial intelligence? In general, talent experience is defined as an employee-centric approach to driving a more engaged, productive, and adaptable workforce. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is defined as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines such as computer systems. When you marry both these concepts together, HR professionals can use AI technology to find new talent for the organization and to continuously innovate and improve employee experience at their workplace.

Finding the Right Candidates

Ever since the pandemic changed the world, virtual interviews have become the new normal. According to Forbes, “job seekers are evaluating a company’s beliefs and culture with greater scrutiny than ever before.” AI is the solution for all of this. With the help of the candidates’ electronic resumes, AI-based software can help HR professionals identify and compare company values to the candidate’s values.

AI can also come in handy for hiring a diverse group of candidates, by going beyond human bias and patterns to find the best candidate for the job, no matter their demographics or experience. Nowadays, jobs go beyond the field of experience. When candidates look for a job, attributes such as location, job security, and caregiving come into play. According to Medium, “HR professionals can use Artificial Intelligence to screen candidates.” By using AI to comb over resumes and cover letters, HR professionals can cut down the time they spend reviewing applications. The technology can help pull out the key points of applications and match them against the position’s attributes.


Since the pandemic forced onboarding new employees to become virtual, incorporating AI becomes much more efficient for gathering feedback to improve the organization. No organization is perfect. However, an organization can strive towards perfection by demonstrating its willingness to improve. The first day on the job for an employee is an impactful memory. They will never forget the first person they met and how they were treated. Those first days define and showcase the culture of the organization they are joining.

Within the first days, weeks, and months of joining, HR professionals send out employee onboarding surveys to figure exactly how the employee felt all along the process. Automating these surveys being sent out and using AI technology to analyze the response data can help HR professionals spend their time on what matters most for improving employee experience. AI technology can also help bring out the key points in the response data, so HR teams know what to start with when addressing any issues.

How Does Technology Help HR Professionals?

When everything is automated, life becomes a breeze for human resources professionals. We all know that time is valuable. It is imperative for HR professionals to spend their time effectively to make the most impact on their organization and employee experience. By utilizing AI technology, the brunt of the work can be handled by tech, while HR teams and leaders can take decisive action based on the data that’s already been analyzed.

The Power of AI in PxidaEX

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