Survey Templates for Improving CX and EX (January 2022)

What is PxidaX?

PxidaX is a feedback platform that allows businesses to create surveys for the purpose of receiving feedback from employees and customers. It provides a platform for customers and employees to be completely open and transparent with what they have to say about the business they are involved in. PxidaX digs into the nitty-gritty of what matters most for both employees and customers. So how do we define What Matters Most? What Matters Most is our behavioral and cognitive analytics for businesses to understand their customer and employee audiences. PxidaX’s competitive advantage is the What Matter Most survey and question template. This template uses an advanced behavioral analytics tool to figure out the clear needs and expectations of employees and customers, based on key experience attributes.

Here are some of our top survey templates, designed for getting useful and actionable feedback from your customers and employees:

Customer Experience Survey Templates

Measure Brand Equity

You want your brand to stay alive for as long as possible. This survey helps to evaluate brand perception and performance, providing qualitative and quantitative insights about what your customers think that your brand, business, or products represent, as well as how they see how you stack up against your competitors. Understanding your brand reputation is important for understanding business performance. As a business owner, it’s up to you to live up to the promises you make to your customers for them to stay loyal to your brand and its products.

Customer Experience During Purchase

Casual shoppers become loyal customers for all sorts of reasons. This survey helps to understand your customers’ interactions at different points during their purchase path, what is influencing their purchasing decisions based upon what matters most to them, and provides you with the actionable insight to improve the experience for both your current and future customers. Understanding the purpose and the reason behind the purchase will allow you to figure out how to retain and keep loyal customers connected to your business and its products and services.

Product Experience

When customers purchase a product, they want a flawless experience with it. So, how do we decide the quality of a product? Product quality is commonly decided by doing extensive research of the same product sold by other brands. Customers do extensive research on third-party websites such as Amazon to compare the qualities and properties of products before deciding which to purchase. This survey helps reveal insights into which products are making people happy, which ones aren’t, and which products your most dedicated customers are using. By understanding what matters most to your customers, you will be able to capture where in the market your product falters or succeeds. This will allow you to plan for improvement as your business and product range evolves. The quality of your product reflects the attitude and work ethic of your business.

Employee Experience Survey Templates

Manager Effectiveness

A happy employee results in an ecstatic boss. This survey helps to measure employees’ overall satisfaction with their manager, along with their opinion of their manager’s performance. It is designed to provide actionable feedback across a wide range of management behaviors, including leadership qualities and effectiveness, with insights focusing on what matters most to employees based upon their relationship with their manager.

Company Culture

Company culture is an integral part of an organization. Without a strong and productive corporate culture, the organization won’t continue to support and build its workforce. This survey helps you to understand how employees view how they are recognized by managers, supervisors, and the organization and how valued they feel. It can be used to see to what extent employees are satisfied with the company recognition programs and where potential changes may need to be made. It can be used at all levels of an organization to gauge the whole business’s perception of its culture. Building a sense of community through these common values and standards for work will make your employees feel connected to the organization, supporting their productivity and relationship to the company.

Understanding Customers and Employees with PxidaX

Want to make it easy for your business to understand your customers and employees? Check out the PxidaX family of feedback products now! We’ve designed these survey templates and others to make it easy to get started gathering and taking action on feedback from customers and employees. Sign up for a free trial of PxidaCX for customer experience, or PxidaEX for employee experience, or both!