Supporting a Culture of DEI in the Workplace

Diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforces are the new industry standard for workplaces with higher employee retention and engagement. One of the key elements that employees look for when potentially joining an organization is a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture. This blog will help you discover how to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusivity into your organization’s work culture.

Defining DEI

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity, or DEI, in the workplace includes implementing programs, practices, policies, and strategies that define a workplace culture that bring employees of all demographics and identities together. This is not only crucial for businesses to succeed, but it is also imperative for creating a positive work experience for all employees. Let’s break down these three umbrella terms.


Diversity in the workplace refers to making sure your organization’s workforce is inclusive of people of all backgrounds and representative of all demographics and populations. Such demographic and population groups can be defined by religious background, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical abilities, and ideologies. According to Forbes, “diversity equals excellence.” Companies that focus on workforce diversity have a wealth of available perspectives for current and future projects and initiatives.

Diversity within teams is just one important element for a diverse organization. Diversity can also entail different work ethics and styles of leadership. Leaders and mentors should allow their employees and mentees to connect with each other and learn from the diversity of experiences represented within their teams. Easier said than done, right? According to, “businesses should make an effort to learn more about their employees’ preferences and how they like to spend their free time.” This can be attempted through two ways – employee surveys and inclusive team-building activities.


Equity is based on how employees are treated professionally. When employees are treated fairly, it greatly benefits the company they are working in. It’s imperative for organizations to have a forward-thinking attitude. Organizations need to set goals around the future of their employees. This means creating policies that are fair and equal for all, including equitable pay, a non-discriminatory environment, and positive workplace culture. According to Vantage Circle, “when you recruit diverse candidates, you create an inclusive and equal work environment, leading to employee retention.” Candidates desire an organization that will treat them fairly and equitably.


Inclusivity is defined as the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. One way to incorporate this at work is to be mindful of the language you use. Sensitivity to language is crucial to having a successful workplace culture. Triggering words and phrases do not necessarily need to be curse words, so being mindful of slang or other harmful terms is important for all employees to feel safe and supported at work. Inclusive language emphasizes acknowledging and respecting all cultures and using the appropriate language to respect people of all identities and abilities. For leaders in a workplace, it is imperative to stay educated on how best to build a culture of inclusivity, by the words they say, the actions they take, and the standards they uphold in the workplace.

Benefits of DEI in the Workplace

According to Forbes, “DEI efforts are incredibly important for retention.” Focusing on this ideology shows that your organization is open to supporting the needs and expectations of all employees, no matter who they are. Diversity, equity, and inclusivity support a workplace culture where employees feel safe, respected, and connected. This can lead to a strong sense of community within the workplace. It’s always crucial to remember that employees need to feel trust in their workplace to stay and continue working hard for the organization.

Understanding Employee Experience through the Lens of DEI

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