Top 5 Tips for Building Fun and Engaging Surveys

Surveys are a wonderful tool for gathering data on customer and employee experiences. The results of the survey can be used to validate theories, make informed business decisions, improve products, and improve customer and employee experiences. Typically, employees and customers choose to completely ignore taking surveys because the topic doesn’t interest them. This blog will dive into best practices for how to make your survey fun and engaging rather than boring and skippable.

Use Visual Representation

Most of the time, human beings prefer a visual representation of content rather than written representation. Asking questions visually rather than just plain writing can intrigue the customer to continue with the survey once they’ve started. According to Medium, “visual aids can give a touch of zing to otherwise mundane questions.” You want to keep your target audience intrigued and engaged for the long haul. Keep your visuals simple, yet informational enough for their purpose. Overdoing may cause the audience’s attention to slip away from the survey. While you want your respondent to read your questions, they are more likely to pay extra attention to them with a visual attached.

Integrate a Sense of Humor

Humor is a great way to keep your target audience hooked and engaged. However, the humor that you intend on using needs to be appropriate and professional. According to Medium, “this could mean making the occasional question fun and upbeat or asking questions with an air of joviality.” Keep in mind that you should tread lightly with the humor being used. If the humor fits with the context of the topic at hand, take advantage of that and make your question sound creative and joyful. This will bring joy to the respondent, which makes them more likely to persist through the survey to see what other humorous questions are in store. The main challenge for survey providers is making sure that survey respondents don’t drop out, mid-survey, so this is a great way to build positive energy for respondents.

Be Conversational

The best way to design a survey is to treat it as a conversation. “Conversing” with your target audience will allow you to develop a stable relationship with them. It will give you a chance to understand their needs and desires straight away. Having a conversation with the participant will give you a fresh perspective on the answers they give you. Conversations with anyone are invaluable. Depending on their approach taken for the survey, the survey admin may be entitled to complete freedom for the questions being asked to the participant.

Offer Incentives

Like it not, everyone loves free stuff. Offering incentives will help your target audience feel motivated to take the survey in the first place. The most commonly used incentives for survey respondents are discounts for future purchases, to encourage repeat customers. For surveys, there are two types of incentives – monetary and non-monetary incentives. Examples of such incentives include:

  • Gift cards
  • Coupon codes
  • Free or discounted subscription pricing
  • Extra gift with a future purchase

As a business, you need to make sure your messaging and marketing are targeted at the relevant audience so that they stay unique to that audience’s needs. Accordingly, you can design a unique survey to keep your customers and employees engaged and motivated to explore your products.

Keep It Short

Nobody likes to spend long periods of time staring at a computer screen. The amount of time respondents should spend on a survey is no more than five minutes. You want to show your respondents that you respect their time. To ensure that, make sure you ask the questions that are urgent and necessary. Try your best to avoid repetition and redundancy. The best way to do this is to design a survey with close-ended questions, that are faster to answer. That way, responses are quick, easy, and timely. These questions can either come as close-ended questions or as questions with multiple-choice responses, to limit how much time the respondent needs to spend on each question. Making the survey experience quicker for the respondent makes them more likely to stick it out and complete the survey. More surveys completed means more data for your business.

Designing Engaging Surveys with PxidaX

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