Survey Templates for Improving CX and EX (February 2022)

What is PxidaX?

PxidaX is a feedback platform that allows businesses to create surveys for the purpose of gathering and analyzing feedback from employees and customers. It provides a platform for customers and employees to be completely open and transparent with what they have to say about the business. PxidaX digs into the nitty-gritty of what matters most for both employees and customers. So how do we define What Matters Most? What Matters Most is our behavioral and cognitive analytics for businesses to understand their customer and employee audiences. PxidaX’s competitive advantage is the What Matter Most survey and question template. This template uses an advanced behavioral analytics tool to figure out the clear needs and expectations of employees and customers, based on key experience attributes.

Here are some of our top survey templates, designed for getting useful and actionable feedback from your customers and employees:

Customer Experience Survey Templates

Service Satisfaction Survey

Customers appreciate it when their feedback is truly taken seriously. Feedback can be good, bad, or neutral. Organizations can choose to ignore feedback and move on or take it in their stride and improve. This survey will be sent out to customers who have recently employed your business’s service. Indirectly understanding customer expectations can help an organization stand out from competitors. Customer engagement is crucial to allow your organization to stand out from its competitors. The more communication, the more customer loyalty increases.

Product Satisfaction Survey

Customers automatically expect greatness from a brand they want to invest in. This survey will be sent out to customers who have recently purchased a product from your business. Product quality is commonly decided by doing extensive research of the same product sold by other brands. Customers do extensive research on third-party websites such as Amazon to compare the qualities and properties of products before deciding which to purchase. The quality of your product reflects the attitude and work ethic of your business.

Customer Support Survey

Connecting with customers on a personal level can help build strong relationships with them. This survey is sent across to customers who have recently contacted your customer care. Companies want customers to talk positively about their organization. For that to happen, customers need to have good experiences with the brand. Positive feedback results in a good reputation as well as customer retention. Should you let your customers down, the obvious thing to do is to apologize profusely. But at the same time, find a solution to the problem so that the customer does not negatively retaliate any further.

Employee Experience Survey Templates

Measure Remote Employee Productivity

Ever since the pandemic changed the world, working remotely has become a new sense of normalcy. It takes an effort to have the ability to stay focused and productive while working remotely. This survey helps to understand how remote working is impacting your employee’s workday, with survey questions providing productivity baseline metrics, with actionable insights on the quality of your employee focus, and what matters most to them which working towards their goals. Eliminating stressful aspects of the workplace and providing avenues for providing feedback on employee experience will allow employees to stay focused and productive throughout the course of their workday. A happy employee means a loyal and more productive employee.

Innovation Survey

Employees always want to bring fresh ideas to the table. This survey helps you to understand how effectively your organization encourages new ideas from its employees and how easily employees feel they can communicate their ideas to part of the organization that might be able to act upon them. It can be used to identify the barriers to submitting ideas or teams that feel alienated and unable to contribute for any reason. It can be used as part of a process of understanding cultural change where there is a focus on improving idea generation at all levels and across all teams.

PxidaX, The Platform That Never Ceases to Amaze

Check out the PxidaX family of feedback products now! We’ve designed these survey templates and others to make it easy to get started gathering and taking action on feedback from customers and employees. Sign up for a free trial of PxidaCX for customer experience, PxidaEX for employee experience, or both!