PxidaX Development Updates to Make Your Surveys Better than Ever

The latest PxidaX development updates to the platform will provide you a more advanced version of our survey tools PxidaCX and PxidaEX. These changes will allow you to edit surveys and timelines, create surveys in multiple languages, provide jump logic, notifications and email and publish surveys using our editor tool, WYSIWYG.

Email and Publish Surveys with Editor Tool, WYSIWYG

Anyone in editing or user experience will know that “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG or “wiz-e-wig”) is an important view for understanding how your design will reflect to your customers and users. In PxidaX, the concept of WYSIWYG inspired our new editing view for survey emails sent from the PxidaCX or PxidaEX applications. The scope is to add the ability to create and save email templates for future use. This tool provides great customization to the survey admin, such as creating email templates from a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation, and adding them to the email body to be sent along with the link to your customer or employee survey.

In this feature, survey admins can add hyperlinks and images in the email body itself, bringing more life to the average survey link email. You can also customize the font, style, color, and size of the text in the survey, to adjust the look and feel of the email and survey. Admins can also adjust the alignment of the content as they see fit and now have an option for QR code scans for mobile phones that can be included at the end of the survey.

Edit Surveys and Adjust Timelines

Timelines and automated surveys can be a bit tricky. PxidaX has now made it much easier for admins to adjust their timelines for scheduled surveys while the survey is still live! Adding new questions or changing existing questions can potentially improve the engagement levels of the surveys. This gives survey admins a chance to correct any errors in the survey without re-publishing and re-deploying it. Admins can also edit the internal settings of the survey, such as the name, description, department, and theme. The scope of this includes the ability to control the versions of the tool. Admins can also view and compare insights of both versions of the tool.

Build and Answer Survey In Multiple Languages

Having surveys in multiple languages can help you broaden your survey demographic. More languages equals more responses! Without manual intervention or translation, admins can change the language of the survey. Respondents can also translate surveys to the language of their choice. They can also switch the language of the question to the choice that they want. The idea of this update is to include language packs in the PxidaX tool, thus making it easier to use everywhere around the world. The world is becoming more connected every day, so making sure your customers and employees around the world can easily read and respond to your surveys is a huge plus for your organization!

Jump Logic to Customize Survey

Jump logic is when the respondents automatically skip over to the relevant questions of the survey. Jump logic creates a personalized flow for every respondent based on their response behavior. For example, if the survey presents a question about gender identity, the survey will automatically jump over to specific questions relevant to their answer. Another example would be for various job departments. If the respondent chooses the specific department they work for in an employee survey, the next part of the survey would automatically jump over to the questions relevant to that department. This way, you can program one survey for multiple audiences that will adapt and change while respondents are taking the survey. One survey for many needs!

Survey Notifications

Notifications improve respondent engagement and retention. Notifications can be sent out via different channels, such as WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Browser, and even in-app. These can be sent out based on the time zone of the recipient, so they get the notification at a convenient time for their location. Notifications for respondents can include reminders to publish the survey and reminding about published surveys. PxidaX can also send notifications to admins as well. An example would be about the response status of a particular survey.

Want to See PxidaX Development in Action?

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