3 Reasons Why Customer Engagement is Important

Customer Engagement is an interaction between an external consumer or customer and an organization through various online and offline channels. Customer Engagement Surveys can help your organization increase profitability and growth by measuring the customer perceptions of your products and services, as well as their level of trust and commitment to your business. Channels of customer engagement include social media engagement, e-mail campaigns, website experiences, and community forums. 

Reasons Why Customer Engagement is Important  

Improves Brand Reputation  

A brand’s reputation is determined by how customers react to their products on social media channels by providing reviews online. These reviews can be either positive or negative. Social media is a blessing and a curse for a brand. It is the one place where a brand’s reputation can get both uplifted and tarnished. Positive comments can be acknowledged by simply hitting the “like” button.

On the other hand, negativity can sometimes be a challenge. When it comes to the professional side of things, critics may have good constructive feedback. However, some might just post negative comments for the sake of getting attention. Addressing such comments publicly as a brand shows the full picture of the brand and that you are not afraid to hide from the negativity. Addressing negativity is important, and in this manner, you can ensure that you stay transparent as a brand. 

Keeps Customers Loyal 

Customer engagement is crucial to allow your organization to stand out from its competitors. The more communication, the more customer loyalty increases. The goal of your brand is to retain customers rather than lose them over miscommunication. The key to a solid relationship with your customers is clear and transparent communication. According to Forbes, your organization should be authentic in its communication. In this context, authentic is just a fancy word for reliable. 

As an organization, when you promote your products on social media, you should stick to your company motto. In the case of PxidaX, our motto is “your compass towards customer-centric growth and employee engagement”. This means that our products will align with the priorities of internal and external stakeholders for the companies that use PxidaCX and PxidaEX.  

A loyal customer means business growth. Loyal customers are frequent customers who enjoy working with the organization’s products. Customers rely on the brand to make wise purchase decisions for themselves. Style of communication is vital. A brand shouldn’t be too honest with the customer. Giving out too much information could possibly compel a customer to disassociate themselves with the brand. Finding that balance between being diplomatic and straight-forward will allow the customer to stay engaged with your business.   

Enhances Brand Awareness 

More customers mean increased awareness of the existence of your brand. Your brand needs to get out there and develop a reputation. The goal is to keep people talking about your brand. One way to do this is to stay active on social media. Social media is the hot spot to introduce new brands and attract new customers. Having incentives online can help retain current customers, as well as attract new ones in the form of a chain reaction. For example, if you own a clothing brand and a loyal customer posts a picture wearing clothes from your brand and tags you in the process, this can help you connect with them on a personal level.

At the same time, the people who follow them will see this loyal customer promoting your product and be interested in learning more about your business. Connecting with customers on a personal level humanizes your business. It shows that you care about your customers’ expectations and demands.  

How PxidaCX Can Help with Your Customer Engagement 

Customers are the key to keeping a brand alive. High popularity results in increased profits. You want your brand to exist for a long period of time. The only way to achieve this is to gain traction through loyal customers. PxidaCX will help you analyze your customers’ needs and expectations through our expert-designed survey templates for gauging customer engagement and satisfaction.