How to Engage Remote Employees

When the world fell into a pandemic, the only way to have a sense of human contact was through video calls on Zoom. However, as things progressed, employees began to experience work-from-home burnout and constant meetings and calls on Zoom became a part of the monotonous routine. Working from home does have its perks. But it also has its downsides which include isolation, lack of interaction amongst other employees and high levels of stress. It is crucial for organizations to keep their employees as engaged as possible so that they don’t feel left out and bored.   

Show Appreciation  

Employees want to feel validated and appreciated for everything that they do. They want to be able to sign off for the night thinking that they have really been productive throughout the day. According to Harvard Business Review, there is that common misconception that managers know exactly how their employees feel about them. However, it’s the opposite. Surprisingly, employers want feedback. They want to know how they perform as a mentor for their employees so that they can be appreciated. One of the biggest little things for employees to feel validated is saying “thank you”. This may sound overrated but it’s one of the main things that makes an employee feel appreciated.  

Include Weekly Catch-Ups  

One of the ways to keep employees secure and grounded is by doing weekly catch-ups. Managers can send a weekly calendar invite to evaluate the employee’s performance and check in with their mental health. This reassures the employee that the organization cares and that they can continue to love doing their job. According to Harvard Business Review, “It doesn’t necessarily matter how often they occur, but it is important that you schedule them on your calendar as a repeating event”. As manager, the more frequently you schedule these meetings, the less interruptions you face. It is also important to be fully present during the meeting so that your employee feels valued and validated.  

Set Up Extracurricular Activities  

Employees need to feel included like they are part of the team. When Zoom calls occur, it’s a fresh breath of air when employers don’t continuously talk shop on the call. Making small talk such as “How’s your day going?” or “How’s your family?” or “How’re you feeling with your illness?” assures the employee that their manager/director cares about their mental and physical health. Along with small talk comes coffee. Virtual coffee sessions can help expedite team bonding, especially with teammates sitting far away. There is always something stressful to discuss at work. Casual hangouts like virtual coffee sessions can ease the tension and create a lighter and more fun atmosphere.  

Celebrate the Little Things!  

A team is a team irrespective of each other’s locations. It is important to celebrate each other when there is something to celebrate such as birthdays and work anniversaries. If we’ve learnt anything from this pandemic, it’s to celebrate and appreciate the little things in life both personally and professionally.  

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