4 Important Reminders for Building Strong Teams

A team is a team irrespective of any differences between team members – such as location or otherwise. According to LinkedIn, “team building is all about relationships.” Your teammates are your support system for any problems you may face professionally, and can occasionally support you in any issues outside of the workplace. Teammates are meant to have each other’s backs. Work comes and goes every day, but having a wonderful team is a rare opportunity. The best things in life are friendships made at work that blossom even more outside of work. Work brings out the best and worst emotions of all of us. Teammates can be shoulders to cry on or accountability buddies for getting even the most mundane work tasks done on time. This blog will share some tips for how to make the best of it with your teammates at work.

Share Your Insights During Team Meetings

Meetings are the times when you get a chance to put your best foot forward. However, you need to ensure that you don’t cross the line and come across as a show-off in front of your teammates. Allow them to share their experiences as well. According to LinkedIn, “add inputs such as, ‘That’s a great idea you have! What do you think of X? When I did Y, I found X worked for me because of Z. What are your thoughts?’” A company continues to grow on several ideas and not just one, so as more ideas are contributed in team discussions, the company can continue implementing new and interesting ideas. You need to remember that teams come together for the same reason – to help your organization continue to grow.

Go Out for a Team Meal

When it comes to socializing as a work team, it’s usually true that a way to a teammate’s heart is through their stomach. Meals are a great way to talk to your teammates about almost anything and everything. According to Indeed, “this brief time spent away from work activities can allow coworkers to unwind, talk over a good meal and get to know each other better.” It’s times like these that allow employees to boost their morale and feel connected to each other, both in big and small ways. And this can also be extended to remote or global teams, by organizing virtual meetups at coordinated times to gather over a meal or caffeinated beverage of choice. We are all aware that there is more to life beyond the walls of work. Meals are a great way to get to know your teammates in terms of their hobbies and interests. Who knows? You may have a lot more in common than you think.

Don’t Forget to Communicate!

According to Entrepreneur, “the key to any good relationship is communication that goes both ways.” Teammates rely on each other for pretty much almost everything. You need to show your teammates that they can trust you. The true testament of this would be to ensure that you don’t throw each other under the bus. Giving each other a heads up about possible situations of conflict, especially on group projects, shows a sense of character and ownership. At the end of the day, it’s all about how well you choose to communicate with each other. Your teammates have the basic right to know everything when it comes to collaborating on projects and assignments together. Even when they’re lost along the way, do your best to help them get back on track so that the collaboration can go smoothly.

Say Thank You and Appreciate One Another

A simple “thank you” may seem like nothing to some people. Believe it or not, it goes a very long way. Appreciation is a big deal, especially with your teammates. Teammates are not to be taken for granted. It’s a challenge to find good eggs in this world. It’s not easy to find a team that will genuinely stand up for you no matter what. You’ll truly be surprised with how far a simple “thank you” takes you. Being a team player also means appreciating your teammates for everything that they do for the team. Allowing each other to feel appreciated and validated will only make your relationship with each other much stronger.

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