3 Ways to Build a Loyal Customer Base

Customer Loyalty is defined as the likelihood of a customer wanting to do business with a company or brand again. Customer loyalty is correlated to satisfaction within your customer base. According to an article from Oracle, “Customer retention and customer loyalty work together.” Positive reactions from a customer entail that a customer is likely to do business with the brand or company in the future due to the good service and overall good quality of goods they receive from them.

Tip 1: Don’t Let Your Loyal Customers Down

One bad experience is like a memory that never leaves the mind of the customer. Any time an unhappy customer thinks of a brand that gave them a bad experience; they will associate that memory with that brand. Bad experiences spread like wildfire. It gives customers something to talk about with their friends and family, not to mention an excuse to put out a bad review on social media channels. This results in the company having a bad reputation in the business world.

Companies want customers to talk positively about their organization. For that to happen, customers need to have good experiences with the brand. Positive feedback results in a good reputation as well as customer retention. Should you let your customers down, the obvious thing to do is to apologize profusely. But at the same time, find a solution to the problem so that the customer does not negatively retaliate any further. According to an article from Forbes, “You can never assume that customers will be able to get through the buying process without having any questions or problems”.

Tip 2:  Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback shows the willingness and initiative to improve your brand. There is always room for improvement for any brand. This will allow you to further understand and get to know your customers. Customer feedback is not always reliable if you ask them in person because some of them could be afraid to hurt your feelings. Asking for feedback through an anonymous survey will give you a better chance to discover how they really feel about your product because it gives the customer a chance to freely express themselves without having to worry about the repercussions in the future.

Tip 3: Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Companies that have a strong presence on social media are more likely to have a loyal customer base. Social media is a surefire way to ensure that your brand is growing along with your customers. It is also a clear-cut way to manage and monitor your company’s reputation. Companies grow with both positive and negative feedback. As mentioned previously, negative experiences will be a memory that will never leave a customer.

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